On the road in an older RV things come up that need fixing.

Our rig is a 2001 31G Terry and it’s held up really well for being 17 years old. We’ve had to replace our refrigerator, toilet, and the furnace motor. We’ve also replaced the awning after a nasty wind incident and resealed the roof once.  The inside living area has been remodeled to fit our changing family needs twice.

In all that time we’ve had the same two 30# propane tanks. They’ve been re-certified as required by law but other than that all has been good… until we took to them to Costco in California to be refilled…

“No can do” the technician said.

He claimed that the excessive rust on the bottom meant he couldn’t refill them safely, despite the current certification sticker. We’re on a budget and new tanks for purely cosmetic reasons wasn’t in that budget. So Todd dug through the tools we brought with us and and got to work. You can see the process in the video below.

The next day we took them back to the same Costco and filled them without a problem.