Katie is our 15 yr old daughter. She’s an artist, a dancer, and a child whisperer. She has amazing dreams and has been searching for ways to make them come true. Traveling on the road, earning money gets a little tough when you’re not in a one place long enough to do the traditional jobs available to kids her age. What’s a girl to do?

After consulting with her older siblings and considering her talents, she started thinking about what she could create that people could use, especially children. She regularly sits with her little sisters keeping them entertained for hours with paper and pen. Ultimately she created a series of downloadable Activity/Coloring pages to enchant and engage your children. Each packet has 20 hand drawn & designed unique images included. The money she raises will enable her to attend a leadership camp this summer. We appreciate your support and know that your family will enjoy her creations!

Activity/Coloring Books