Welcome to our little corner of the world!

I’m Tammy Smith, the voice of this page…  The thoughts and ideas, that are usually pondered aloud at length within earshot of my dear husband Todd, are my sole responsibility.

I am a wife, mom, teacher, healer, and artist… I’ve delivered babies, organized conferences, taught people to defend themselves and others to trust their inner vision. I see the world differently than many, so often I catch a glimpse of magic, a peek into a soul, and this is why I do what I do. To encourage others to trust that glimpse, follow their heart – to search for the magic only they see.

Todd and I are blessed to be parents to ten amazing children and almost five grandchildren. We have homeschooled our children since our oldest’s first year in Kindergarten 23 years ago – educating our children has included being independent and using charter schools, public schools, and online programs,

We still call Alaska home, and are blessed to have a home we return to regularly – mostly when the weather’s good. It’s nice to have a home base and a place to land when we need to feel our roots again. The adventures never stop when you live in such a ruggedly beautiful place!

So why call this page Tammy & Todd?

Because we’re a team! We’ve tried doing our own things and realized that we are stronger together. Everything we do is for one another – not anyone else… we are intricately intwined in one another hopes and dreams.

Todd is my partner in life and adventure; his cheers keep me moving forward. He reminds me who I am when anxiety tempts me to quietly fade away.. He blows carefully on the embers of my dreams and feeds the flames of my imagination when my light grows dim.

As a result, we are one.

We have traveled with our children extensively logging over 50,00 miles exploring the United States and driving to and from Alaska. I have done this both with and without Todd. Yes, I drive the truck and trailer. 😉

Currently when we’re on the road we travel with a 31′ travel trailer. We’ve had as many as 7 of our children with us in this rig and it has been remodeled several times to fit our needs.